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You can start a fund with outright gifts in any amount you wish or make a bequest to the Foundation in your will. You may make gifts in the memory of deceased persons or in honor of living persons. You may want to create an endowment fund bearing your family name or any name you want. Your interest may be shaped by your experiences, family traditions of giving and more. Some donors are very focused on what they wish to support, while others prefer to remain flexible and open to opportunities that may emerge. Whatever your philanthropic goal is, we are here to help. 

Unrestricted Fund


Changing Community


Unrestricted gifts to a Community Endowment address a broad range of community needs - even those that cannot be anticipated at the time of the gift. These funds allow the Foundation to make grants in your name to effective organizations that are advancing change our area.

Field of Interest Fund





Field of interest funds focus your giving on a particular area of interest like education, health care or the arts. This fund is ideal for individuals, families or businesses who are passionate about a cause but trust the Foundation to know the most effective organizations doing good work in that area.

Donor Advised Fund




Donor-advised funds offer a flexible, convenient and cost-effective way to organize your giving. Your gift qualifies you for an immediate tax deduction, but you can recommend the organizations you wish to support at your convenience. You determine the amount and timing of your grants and we take care of the paperwork. 

Agency Endowment




Agency endowments are a simple and efficient way for nonprofit organizations to build an endowment and ensure long-term sustainability for their organization. Organizations can request disbursements as needed and not required to take them every year.  This fund is ideal for nonprofit organizations that wish to build their reserve funds and create a reliable stream of income.

Designated Fund




You may wish to establish a designated fund to specify one or more charitable organizations to receive grants from the fund. Your gift will help provide a steady source of income for the organization, though the amount is dependent on the size of the fund and its growth over time. Should the organization terminate or its purpose change, the Foundation will ensure that your fund is redirected to meet its original purpose.

Scholarship Fund




By establishing a scholarship fund with the Council Grove Area Foundation you can help local students pursue their dreams of higher education. We will work with you to determine criteria that is meaningful for you. Scholarships funds can be tailored to a certain geographic area or school, specific fields of study or students of a particular heritage. They can also be merit or need-based. 

We will oversee the entire process from distributing the applications to dispersing the funds. Recipients are based on the recommendation of our board review committee or a donor designated committee.

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