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Mark your calendars for an exciting month of giving! Our Match Month Event will take place from November 1st to November 30th. Together, we can amplify the impact of your donations and create lasting change. The Council Grove Area Foundation (CGAF) has been awarded a $70,000 matching grant by the generous Patterson Family Foundation. 


This is your opportunity to join hands with us and be part of something transformative. As a community foundation, our mission is to empower local communities, harnessing the strength of our collective effort. The Patterson Family Foundation's grant gives us the power to multiply your generosity.


By participating in our 2023 Match Month Event, you help us build a brighter future for our beloved rural communities. We believe in the strength of our local organizations and the potential for positive change. It's about keeping rural dollars where they belong – right here in our communities.




Council Grove Pickleball/Tennis Court Renovation
Join us as we transform the sporting landscape of CG! We are the driving force behind the USD 417 Pickleball and Tennis Court Renovation. This exciting project will breathe new life into our community, resurfacing our beloved tennis courts and introducing 4 state-of-the-art pickleball courts, one nestled within each tennis court. Our vision is to create a thriving hub for sports enthusiasts of all ages. Let's work together to bring pickleball closer to home, uniting our community through the love of the game. Currently, the only pickleball action in CG is at CGLC, but with your support, we can change that. Be part of the transformation, and let's make CG a destination for sports and camaraderie!"


Morris County Hospital Foundation Fund

The Morris County Hospital Foundation was established to provide essential support to Morris County Hospital and its affiliated services. We are currently engaged in a vital fundraising campaign aimed at acquiring a cutting-edge 3D Mammography Machine for our Radiology department.


Our existing mammography system has served us well for 13 years, but the time has come for an upgrade to offer our community the benefits of advanced technology. The 3D Mammography system represents a significant leap forward in early cancer detection, particularly for women with dense breast tissue.


By implementing this state-of-the-art technology, we can identify breast cancer at earlier stages, ensuring that women receive timely diagnoses and, subsequently, better treatment options. Your support in this endeavor will help us provide more effective healthcare to our community and make a real impact in the fight against breast cancer.

Building Blocks Child Care Fund

Founded in 2003, Building Blocks Community Child Care Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the Council Grove, KS community. We take immense pride in being the sole KDHE licensed daycare facility in the area.

Our mission is to offer a nurturing and secure child care environment, catering to infants through preschool-aged children. At Building Blocks, we believe in the power of play-based learning to provide young minds with a strong foundation for their education.

Presently, our facility warmly welcomes 35 children, overseen by a dedicated team of 7 full-time teachers and 5 part-time teachers. We are committed to fostering a supportive and enriching atmosphere where every child can thrive

Council Grove Public Library

The Council Grove Public Library has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1918, initially located in the historic Carnegie Building at 303 W. Main Street. The Carnegie Building, a true gem of the community, became a reality thanks to the generous donation.


In 2003, recognizing the need for expansion and modernization, a decision was made to relocate to our present location. Over the years, the library has experienced significant interior improvements, made possible through generous donations and grants starting in 2015.


Our current focus is on an "Exterior Beautification" project, dedicated to enhancing the library's outward appearance and parking facilities. This initiative encompasses plans for a mural, fresh signage, a revamped parking lot, and improvements to the building's roof.


The Council Grove Public Library is committed to serving and enhancing our community, and these planned improvements will further solidify our commitment to providing a welcoming and attractive space for all who visit.

Historic Preservation Corporation

Founder Shirley McClintock began the saving of Trail Days Historic Site in 1994. The property at 803 West Main Street was abandoned, up for sale, and in sad condition with overgrown weeds, fallen trees and trash. The 1861 stone home had been mutilated through the 50 years it functioned as a gas station, and was no longer fit for habitation.  The other buildings were also in need of serious repair.  Having learned the history of the property from her husband, who discovered a court case filed during the Civil War, she realized the potential historic value of the property and tried to interest someone to save it. Sadly, no one was willing to take on this task and even her husband, in the beginning, was unwilling to help.  Left standing alone, she turned to God and after praying to Him, she felt inspired to do what she could to save it.  She had ask herself "What secrets does this place hold?"  In 1996 as she was scraping paint from a door casing in the stone home, she uncovered what turned out to be the only surviving Kaw Indian pictograph in existence and it was a memorial to a fallen warrior, according to Osage tribal member Louis Burns, who was the leading authority on the subject. Also some walnut shingles from the original 1861 roof were discovered as well as an 1861 outside stone wall was uncovered in pristine original condition.  These secrets were now found and saved for future generations, along with an 1861 stone home with an important history, and a 1947 Baker's Market masonry building, 1930 early-day tourist cabin, 1943 duplex cabin built for Herington Army Airfield WWII officers, the 1902 Field School, an 1858 log house protected by a hand-built barn, and a hand-built early 1900's replica chicken house, all with important stories to share with visitors.  The property attracts 3000 people each year. In 2021 there were people from 15 different countries, 45 different states, 64 different Kansas counties, and 185 different Kansas towns. 

 Many awards and recognitions have been given to this project over the years. Some examples are articles in the Wall Street Journal, Kansas! Magazine, Kansas Visitors Guide, Midwest Living, and True West magazines, The Topeka Capital Journal and the Emporia Gazette, where it was picked up by the United Press and was published in newspapers all over the state of Kansas. Founder and Manager Shirley McClintock was featured by Larry Hatteberg as a "Hatteberg People" and this film was shown in 2008 and 2018, and has had repeat showings on channel 10 in Wichita. Recently this same film was featured on PBS.  WIBW-TV in Topeka has featured Trail Days Café & Museum repeatedly as well.  Awards have been from Kansas Sampler Foundation, Santa Fe Trail Association, National Park Service Santa Fe Trail Office, Kansas Department of Commerce-Business Excellence award, and the Kansas! Magazine "Kansas Finest" Award was presented to Ken and Shirley McClintock in 2019 for their work on this project.

To keep our donors confident in our work, Manager Shirley McClintock works hard to meet all 20 standards of the Better Business Bureau each year and to maintain the highest level (Platinum) with Guide Star.  She also has kept up the yearly maintenance of Dunn & Bradstreet and

Diligence is used to send thank you notes to donors and how much we appreciate their support and to invite them to any special events associated with projects they donated to.  We plan to have a meal and special program to celebrate each changing theme in the Trail Days Arts & History Center and will give invitations and special recognition to our significant donors.


Together with Veterans

We are dedicated to serving the entire Morris County community with a vital mission — the reduction of suicide through education and prevention. We're actively engaged in several impactful projects within our communities, all aimed at fostering mental health and well-being. These initiatives include:

  1. Mental Health First Responder Program: Our dedicated team of licensed clinicians is working on a program that provides immediate support to individuals in mental health crises when traditional law enforcement and first responders may not be equipped to provide the specialized care needed.

  2. Support for Morris County EMS: We proudly contribute up to $1,500 annually to Morris County EMS to ensure they have access to essential mental health Continuing Education Units, supporting their ability to provide the best care for the community.

  3. Empowering Our USD 417 Community: We allocate up to $1,000 annually to USD 417 Nurses, Counselors, or Peer Support Specialists for training and Continuing Education Units, enhancing their skills and knowledge to better serve our students.

  4. Collaborative Efforts with USD 417 Mental Health Liaison: Together with the USD 417 Mental Health Liaison, we've established the 'You Are Not Alone' Program, an initiative designed to provide vital support and resources to our community.

These projects exemplify our commitment to the well-being and mental health of our communities, working tirelessly to create a safer and more supportive environment for all.

Morris County Fairground Improvement Fund

Our county fair is a vibrant showcase of agricultural talents, family and consumer sciences, and the collective spirit of our community. However, to continue serving our community effectively, we are embarking on a fundraising journey to address critical needs. These funds will be directed toward essential repairs and upgrades, aimed at improving energy efficiency and enhancing accessibility.

By investing in these improvements, we ensure our facilities remain a cornerstone of community engagement and continue to provide a hub for sharing, learning, and celebrating the vibrant culture of Morris County.

Child Healthcare Organization Fund

We are dedicated to serving the young members of our community, specifically children aged 0-18, who either reside in Morris County or attend schools within USD 417 or White City. Our organization was established with a mission to provide critical financial assistance to these children for a range of essential health needs.


We are committed to ensuring that every child in our care has access to the necessary support for medical, dental, visual, and mental health services. Our aim is to create a healthier and more promising future for the children in our community, promoting their well-being and ensuring their essential health needs are met.



We are proud to serve the entire Morris County Region, channeling our efforts into key areas that are essential for the growth and prosperity of our community. Our focus encompasses:


Housing: We are committed to ensuring that everyone in our region has access to safe and affordable housing, fostering a strong and stable community.


Workforce Development: Our dedication to workforce development seeks to empower individuals with the skills and opportunities they need to thrive in the job market.

Business Retention, Recruitment, and Expansion: We actively support the businesses in our region, striving to retain, attract, and expand enterprises that drive economic growth.


Community Development: We are dedicated to the overall development of our community, promoting a vibrant, inclusive, and connected environment for all residents.


Marketing: We work to market the unique strengths and opportunities of our region, attracting attention and investment that bolsters our community's success.


In these core areas, we are committed to driving positive change and progress in the Morris County Region.

The Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association

The Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association plays a pivotal role in the Greater Morris County, Kansas area. Our association serves as the bridge connecting our vibrant community, entrepreneurs, and businesses to essential facets of economic development, destination marketing, governmental advocacy, and major community events that enrich and define our community culture.

With unwavering dedication, we strive to foster growth, encourage entrepreneurship, and create a sense of unity that makes our area a thriving and dynamic place to live and visit. We are the catalyst for progress, working together to ensure the prosperity and cultural richness of our community.

White Memorial Camp

White Memorial Camp is more than a summer camp and retreat; it's a haven for growth and connection. We cater to a diverse range of campers, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, and provide opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. Our campers hail from various corners of Kansas and our local communities.

In today's fast-paced world, many are distanced from the natural environment, face-to-face peer interactions, and personal development. Although our camp experience may not offer a complete solution, it serves as a vital bridge. It allows our youth and adult campers to unplug from the digital world and reconnect with the beauty of nature and the warmth of human interaction.

Our mission is to create a nurturing and inclusive camp environment that promotes personal growth, fosters a profound understanding of God's love, and instills a lifelong appreciation for the great outdoors through engaging activities like problem-solving and team building. At White Memorial Camp, we believe in the power of connection, growth, and the profound impact of experiencing the world firsthand.

Little Huskies Childcare Fund

We extend our services to families from White City, Wilsey, Dwight, Alta Vista, and Woodbine, recognizing the pressing need for dependable childcare in the state of Kansas. In our mission to address this critical need, we are well aware of the challenges facing our community.  Within Morris County alone, we've witnessed the closure of at least five daycares or centers in the mere three years since our inception. Our organization is committed to reversing this trend by providing reliable childcare that not only supports our existing families but also serves as a beacon, attracting young families to become a part of our community.

High-quality childcare is not only about convenience; it's an investment in the future. It promotes school readiness, nurtures essential social skills, and, above all, ensures a safer environment for our children. Our work is not just a service; it's a commitment to the well-being and growth of our community.

Neosho Riverwalk Improvement Fund

The City of Council Grove's Neosho Riverwalk & Amphitheater is an invaluable resource that benefits all residents and businesses in our community. This dynamic facility plays a central role in our community culture, offering year-round opportunities for events, recreation, and a growing economic impact.


As the City diligently works to finalize the Neosho Riverwalk & Amphitheater project, along with an expansion of our marketing efforts, we anticipate a significant increase in the economic benefits it brings to our community.


Our goal is to effectively communicate our plans to our community, allowing everyone to recognize the immense potential of this asset and get excited about bringing this transformative project to fruition. We believe that this exciting venture will not only enhance our quality of life but also foster economic growth for years to come.

Morris County Historical Society Fund
We proudly serve the diverse community of Morris County, welcoming both local residents and visitors intrigued by our area's rich history and vibrant culture. Our audience spans across a wide spectrum, including school children, adults, educators, researchers, and anyone with a genuine interest in the preservation and exploration of Morris County's captivating history.

Our organization is dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of historical amnesia and the erosion of cultural heritage. We confront this challenge head-on by actively preserving, interpreting, and showcasing a treasure trove of artifacts, documents, and captivating stories that lie at the heart of Morris County's heritage. Through educational programs, engaging museum exhibits, and opportunities for historical research, we ensure that the profound history of Morris County not only endures but is also made accessible, relevant, and engaging for both present and future generations. In this way, we bridge the gap between the past and the present, cultivating a deeper appreciation for our shared history.

Alta Vista Core Community Fund

At Alta Vista Core Community, our project is driven by the belief that every family deserves support, even when they have nowhere else to turn. We are here to help them navigate the often overwhelming bureaucracy that can stand in their way.


But our work goes beyond the practical. We're here to show each individual the intrinsic value they hold as a human being, reinforcing the notion that their lives matter and that the family unit is a vital force in our community.


We engage donors through personal connections and outreach efforts. We present our cause to various community organizations, such as the Rotary Club, churches, and community awareness activities. By working together, we can create lasting change for these families and our community as a whole by becoming active, contributing members of our community.

USD 417 Educational Enhancement Fund

The USD 417 Educational Enhancement Fund (USD 417 EEF) is an exceptional opportunity for alumni, parents, community businesses, and other dedicated supporters of our schools to drive positive change in education. This fund plays a crucial role in providing resources and services that go beyond what public funding can cover. When we come together, we have the power to leave a legacy of educational excellence that will benefit our community for generations to come.


Donations to the USD 417 EEF are truly a "gift that keeps on giving." They have made a significant impact in various areas, benefiting students across the entire district. Here are just a few examples of how the USD 417 EEF has made a difference for our children:


Cameras for the Journalism Class

Microscopes for the Biology Class


Books for Libraries

Transportation to the State Capital for Junior High Students

Interactive classroom projectors

CGES Art Class Supplies

Special Education Classroom Materials

BRAVES Superstore Supplies

National Honor Society Educational Trip

FCCLA National Trip

FBLA National Leadership Conference Trip

KEY Club International Convention Trip

School supplies for USD 417 Elementary students

These projects demonstrate the broad and meaningful impact of the USD 417 EEF. It's a testament to the generosity and commitment of our community, ensuring that our students have access to resources and experiences that enrich their education and personal growth.

CGAF Community Grants Program

For over twenty years, the CGAF has been providing grants to local organizations within Morris County Communities through our Community Endowed Grants Program. Our support has facilitated the realization of a wide variety of projects. We invite applications twice a year.

Donating to this fund can make a meaningful impact on the entire community, as your contribution will be felt throughout the area.

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